SHEP Reading List

Here you can find some suggestions for preliminary reading before coming to study for a PhD with us.

We assume that you will have a solid background in quantum mechanics and special relativity, as well as classical physics and applied mathematics. You should have a good working understanding of topics like: operator treatment of the harmonic oscillator, addition of angular momentum, relativistic kinematics and electromagnetism, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, matrix algebra, Fourier transforms, solutions of differential and integral equations and some familiarity with particle physics phenomenology.

Particle Physics

D H Perkins Introduction to High Energy Physics Addison Wesley
Standard particle physics phenomenology text.

Quantum Field Theory

I J R Aitchison An Informal Introduction to Gauge Field Theories Cambridge 1982
This book is short, easy to read and informative. Recommended.

Some field theory textbooks.


I J R Aitchison and A J G Hey Gauge theories in particle physics, 2nd ed Adam Hilger 1989
D Bailin and A Love Introduction to Gauge FIeld Theory Adam Hilger 1986
Quite terse but good for path integral techniques.
M Le Bellac Quantum and Statistical Field Theory Oxford 1991
T-P Cheng and L-F Li Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics Oxford 1984
Modern in outlook with introductions to many more advanced topics.
F Mandl and G Shaw Quantum Field Theory Wiley 1984
Quite traditional but lots of detail.
M E Peskin and D V Schroeder An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory Addison Wesley 1995
Recent and seems to be good, but check the book's web pages for typo corrections.
P Ramond Field Theory: a Modern Primer, 2nd ed Addison Wesley 1989
Uses path integral techniques throughout.
L H Ryder Quantum Field Theory Cambridge 1991 (reprint)
Good for the standard details.

More advanced field theory: maybe not for your first time through, but helpful to consult.


B F Hatfield Quantum Field Theory of Point Particles and Strings Addison Wesley 1992
C Itzykson and J B Zuber Quantum Field Theory McGraw Hill 1980
S Weinberg The Quantum Theory of Fields: Volume I, Foundations Cambridge 1995
S Weinberg The Quantum Theory of Fields: Volume II, Modern Applications Cambridge 1996
S Weinberg The Quantum Theory of Fields: Volume III Cambridge 1999

More specialised.


J C Collins Renormalization Cambridge 1984
H Georgi Weak Interactions and Modern Particle Theory Benjamin/Cummings 1984
An insightful book, quite telegraphic.

Mathematical Techniques

H Georgi Lie Algebras in Particle Physics Frontiers in Physics vol 54, 2nd edition, Perseus Books, New York 1999 (ISBN 0-7382-0233-9)

Background Reading

A Pais Inward Bound Oxford University Press
Very good history of the development of particle physics.
Brian Greene The Elegant Universe
Very readable account that gets across the excitement of new developments in string and M-theory.


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